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International Brand Refresh

  • Branding & Positioning
  • Art-directing
  • Visual Design
  • Photo- & Videography

After the acquisition of Sungevity International by the Engie Group, a brand refresh was needed take more distance from the positioning and identity from the United States Enterprise. During an intensive time period, where several stakeholders where interviewed, a concept was proposed and finetuned. During this process I was end-responsible for the creation, development and strategy of all internal and external visual communication for all (3) countries.

Renewed Brand Guidelines

The new positioning has, obviously, been captured in a brand new guideline. From tone-of-voice and values to visual elements such as the geometric shapes, illustrations and line-arts to a brand new set of branded photography (incl. rules of engagement).

Sungevity Brand Refresh Guidelines
Sungevity Brand Refresh Guidelines

Reneweded identity assets

Several building blocks have been created to develop new visual identity items with.

Visual identity logo redesign
Visual identity icon design

Visual identity assets geometric shapes
Visual identity illustration drawing
Customer Journey

Office branding wall art
Office branding stickering
Toine photoshoot directing

Branded photoshoots:
Powering lives with Sunshine

I conducted several photoshoots in which some I directed and others where shot by myself. The main point of attention is to put people in the center of solar.

Put it to use

Website landingpage

website design for multiple pages

Display and banner ad design

Social media post content design

Rebranded exhibition booth

The sunshine newspaper

Social media post content design
Toine Aerts at work
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